66th Republic

The nation celebrates 66th year of its ‘constitution day’ with an outstanding zeal and enthusiasm on the grand Rajpath in New Delhi. A host of dignitaries including US president Barack Hussain Obama and first lady Michelle Obama greeted by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and President Pranab Mukherjee including vice president Md. Hamid Ansari witnessed the spectacular event which depicted the various contingent forces and armed guards with light and heavy cavalry marching past the saluting base. The parade even depicted the various cultures of the states of the subcontinent.

A day ago, Obama had signed off the nuclear deal with India laying an agreement of subsidised rates of power supply between the two nations. Although the BJP government did not support the nuclear deal started by Manmohan Singh, the former prime minister, when they were in opposition, Modi claimed that this would bring an appreciable reduction rate in the import of foreign power supply and so as the FDI rate would probably rise up. This would turn India into a global market pertaining to its needs and requirements.


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